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Self-Esteem Sunglasses for Google Classroom Distance Learning

Increase your student's self-confidence by changing their negative self-statements to positive self-statements using this fun activity. Now includes a digital version for use with Google Slides and Google Classroom for digital learning. Great for small group counseling or class lessons.This activity...

Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing by Cornelia Elbrecht: 9781623172763 | Books

About Healing Trauma with Guided Drawing A body-focused, trauma-informed art therapy that will appeal to art therapists, somatic experiencing practitioners, bodyworkers, artists, and mental health professionals While art therapy traditionally focuses on therapeutic image-making and the cognitive or symbolic interpretation of these creations, Cornelia Elbrecht instructs readers how to facilitate the body-focused approach of guided drawing. Clients draw with both hands and eyes closed as they…

Emotion wheel

Identifying emotions can be easier said than done, but it can be an important part of understanding and monitoring mental illness.

1,000 Positive Words to Write the Life You Want

Expand your vocabulary with this list of positive words, A - Z. We think in words, and those words shape our lives. What are your words to live by?

Mirror Me [F]

Mylemarks is your destination for therapeutic worksheets and resources for kids and teens. Our resources cover topics such as anger management, anxiety, bullying, social skills, hygiene, and much more!

50 Thought-Provoking Questions to Ask Teens (That Won't Annoy them)

Here's a list of 50 thought-provoking questions to ask teens that won't actually annoy them. Do you feel like your teen or pre-teen is talking to you less and less? Do you feel like they rush away from the dinner table the second they’re done eating? We all know that communicating with our kids is important. It’s been proven that kids who spend time talking to their parents over the dinner table are more likely to perform well in school and less likely to abuse alcohol or do drugs. Plus, as…


20% Rabatt sichern und spielerisch Mathe lernen

Mit dem Calculix Massiv Basis Set lernen Kinder mit Holzzahlen beim Spielen Mathe. Das Set aus FSC Holz hilft alle Grundrechenarten besser zu versteh…

Social Work Toolkit on Twitter

“What do I want to talk about today? #Colour in the #shapes you want to #talk about. Fantastic worksheet! #socialwork #thoughts #feelings”

6 Brain Dump Triggers + Free Printable Brain Dump Template for 2020

Detox your brain to bring peace and clarity back. Here are 6 things to declutter from your mind and a free brain dump template to make it easier.

Circle Drawing Worksheets

A blog about art substitute lesson plans.

The CBT and Art Activity Book The CBT and Art Activity Book (9781849056656): Guest, Jennifer: Books

Color Theory: Why It Matters & How To Use It

Color can be the most powerful design element, but to master it you need to understand color theory. Find out how to pick the right colors for your blog.

The Power of Color

This is a must have for anyone who practices art therapy. We used it as the first activity to introduce art therapy to our clients. It can be used in group or individual therapy. This resource allows clients to search themselves emotionally and creatively connect it to color. The conversations that came out of this activity were meaningful and therapeutic. This is also a baseline activity for some of the other art therapy activities we have available.

Therapeutic Art: Counseling through Creating - Confident Counselors

Therapeutic art activities are an excellent tool for school counselors to integrate into group counseling and individual counseling. It allows students to express thoughts and feelings in a different way that is less intimidating and more engaging. How can you integrate art therapy?

FREE! Parents Can Use this Free Growth Mindset & Coping Statements Poster With Children at Home!

Discouragement is normal. Everyone feels it. Plus, it is one of surest stepping stones to success. When we feel discouraged, we are given the opportunity to develop a growth mindset, positive self-talk, self-efficacy, and a strong internal locus of control. Having a growth mindset is like having a c...

Emotions, feelings & behavior book. Visual communication & self regulation strategies. Autism, adhd

This emotions and feelings booklet is a tool to provide students an effective means to communicate HOW they feel and as a way to reference different coping and self management strategies that they can engage in to self regulate and calm their emotions. The booklet can also be a way for students to c...