Meat, Cheese & Cracker Inukshuk Snacks For Canada Day Parties And BBQ's #canadian #recipes #party #food

Need an idea for a Canadian themed party appetizer? Make these super cute and delicious edible Inukshuk statues modeled after the magnificent stone monuments built by the Inuit people.

Art Project for Kids: How to Make a Rock Sculpture.  The Inuit (eskimos) are the ancient people who lived in the coldest part of our planet for more than a thousand years. They created the Inukshuk or rock sculptures to  show directions, warn of danger,  mark a place ,store food, or as religious figures.Let's learn how to make a Inukshuk . from the inuit people (eskimos 0

Learn how to make a Inukshuk or rock sculptures from the inuit people (eskimos 0