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I actually don't mind people telling me all about how a relative of their's has Diabetes too but you find people do feel compelled to tell you all about the other Diabetics they know and often mention how they died too.

Type 1 diabetes is a very severe disease. The average life-span of a type 1 diabetic is years shorter than an average person.

And then she said...To only eat 15g of carbs when I get a low! Hahahahahaha

A surprisingly strong report just released by the prestigious OECD may cause the public to regard neoliberal snakeoil salesmen peddling a trickle-down scam more skeptically in the future.

diabetic lows

Sorry Trisha, for that time I ate your cheesecake! I still do feel bad!

Pretty much! Cause everyone TOATLLY changes their lancet every time their supposed to!!!!!!!

One of the cause of diabetes is because often do the bad habit. Try to change the lifestyle to become healthier by avoid the habits that can lead to diabetes,

Oh my goodness.....ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Type 1 Diabetes Meme -- Yes, it's funny. but I'm pretty certain that this is what happens a lot of times, especially when a teen is hanging out with friends and trying to hurry the "carb count" part of the "test" process. And then it's not funny.