Primavera Sound Line Up 2016 on Vimeo

Primavera Sound’s spaceship departs to space revealing the whole line-up of the festival. A special/spatial occasion that brings back… on Vimeo

"Lets make IOT infrastructure Boring!io makes it simple to deploy, update, and maintain code running on remote devices. Making hardware as easy…

How to - succeed with Mobile Business Intelligence. - YouTube

In this animation you will find the full summary and best practices to make your Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI) project a succes.

SNY - More Sports

In this multi-part campaign for Sports New York, we explored what it means to be a true NY local.


Designed, Animated and Co-Directed (Kaori Sohma) this abstract infographic piece for a fund raising campaign for an exciting and environmentally sound and sustainable…

Hand Drawn Animated BASF corporate video thing - YouTube

Animation we were hired to create for BASF back in A corporate video talking about the ever changing world of farming and BASF's responsibility to thin.