Video Games & What Are They Doing To Us?  The Science Behind It

A look at the Psychological impact of video games and the science behind it. Research References: Habitual action video game playing is associated with cauda.

Science FTW! Channel Update & Earnings From 06/26/16 to 08/06/16

This is the first update of money earned through monetization and current plans for the use of money. The purpose of this channel is not for financial gain b.

Science FTW! Bee's, Genes, & Planets Oh My!! Everything New In 2 Min Ep 1

Everything New in 2 min is my new series covering new research and breakthroughs in science. Today anti-aging gene therapy research, bee population decreases.

Ozone Layer! Evidence of it's Recovery! We Did Good!!

An official paper has been submitted to the Journal of Science from an MIT research team that shows evidence of our ozone layer healing For more information .

Quantum Computers! A New Breakthrough Brings Us One Step Closer

A New Breakthrough Brings Us One Step Closer

Science For The Win! No Conspiracy, Only Data!

Babies sleep with their eyes open! That’s right, many babies sleep with their eyes open, in medical terms it’s called nocturnal lagophthalmos and appears.