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ESSENTIAL OIL -ORIGANO (ORIGANUM VULGARE) -12ML -Aromes Evasions Aromatherapy, Herbs, Essential Oils, Pink, Herbalism, Oils, Scent, Herb, Oil
Essential Oils -Arômes & Évasions
Essential Oil has a powerful, spicy, camphorous scent. Origanum is an upright perennial herb, growing to about thirty-two inches with a straight stem covered in hair. The leaves are dark green and oval in shape, and it has a profusion of pink flowers clustered at the top of the branches. Its name is actually derived from the Greek phrase, 'joy of the mountains'. Just married couples were crowned with wreaths of Origanum, and it was placed on graves to give peace to departed spirits.
ESSENTIAL OIL -EUCALYPTUS LEMON (EUCALYPTUS CITRIODORA) -12ML -Aromes Evasions Fresh, Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Lemon Oil, Lemon Eucalyptus
Essential Oils -Arômes & Évasions
Eucalyptus Lemon Oil has a strong, fresh, eucalyptus odour with lemon top notes and balsamic undertones and is used in a variety of products. Benefits: Lemon eucalyptus essential oil boasts a number of health benefits, that may include strengthening the immune system, preventing respiratory infections, repelling disease-bearing insects, relieving pain, soothing inflammation, healing wounds, improving digestive health, and treating fungal infections, among others.
ESSENTIAL OILS -100% PUR, CERTIFY ORGANIC & VEGAN - AROMES EVASIONS Health, Healing, Skin Healing, Respiratory Health, Organic Vegan
Essential Oils -Arômes & Évasions
Aromes Evasions offers you a wide choice of Essential Oil 100% pur, certify organic & vegan. You can use them to relieve pain and cramping, improve respiratory health, and heal skin conditions. They also relieve congestion, promote healthy sleep patterns, and boost your mood. Some essential oils can be effective, depending on what a person uses them for.
ESSENTIEL OIL -CHAMOMILLE (ANTHEMIS NOBILIS L) -Aromes Evasions Potpourri, Nausea, Pain Relief, Ulcers
Essential Oils -Arômes & Évasions
The mildly fragrant herb is an important ingredient in bedroom potpourris and dream pillows. Benefits: Digestive upset, such as indigestion, nausea, or gas. Wound healing, including ulcers and sores. Anxiety relief. Easing skin conditions like eczema or rashes. Anti-inflammation and pain relief for conditions like back pain, neuralgia, or arthritis. Promoting sleep.
ESSENTIAL OIL -BERGAMOT (CITRUS BERGAMIA) -Aromes Evasions Floral, Cleanser, Bergamot Essential Oil, Aroma, Natural Cleanser
Essential Oils -Arômes & Évasions
The aroma is basically citrus, yet fruity and sweet with a warm spicy floral quality, and is reminiscent of Neroli, giving a middle note of medium strength. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, Bergamot Essential Oil is a natural cleanser. It's particularly good for oily skin, helping to unclog pores and balance sebum levels to get skin glowing for all the right reasons. Blends With: Black pepper, clary sage, cypress, frankincense, geranium, jasmine, mandarin...
ESSENTIEL OIL -PALO SANTO (BURSERA GRAVEOLENS) -12ML -Aromes Evasions Citrus Benefits, Palo Santo Essential Oil, Essential Oils Collection, What Are Essential Oils, Therapeutic Massage, Natural Cold Remedies, Natural Remedy, Healthy Sleep
Essential Oils -Arômes & Évasions
Aromatic Summary / Note / Strength of Aroma: A top note with a medium aroma, Palo Santo Essential Oil has a fresh, intense woody aroma with a slight hint of citrus. Benefits: Palo Santo is traditionally used as a natural remedy for colds and flu, as well as symptoms of stress. It is also known to relieve asthma, headaches, anxiety, depression, and reduce inflammation. As an essential oil, it's great for aromatherapy and can also be used during therapeutic massages.
ESSENTIAL OIL -VANILLA (VANILLA PLANIFOLIA) -12ML -Aromes Evasions Popular, Fragrance, Vanilla Essential Oil, Sweet Fragrances
Essential Oils -Arômes & Évasions
More than just a sweet fragrance,Vanillapossesses several therapeutic properties that can be beneficial for your health. Vanilla essential oils are useful for a variety of things, including PMS relief, infection prevention, libido enhancement, blood pressure reduction, inflammation reduction, and depression relief. Aphrodisiac,Vanilla's reputation is well established for its aphrodisiac properties, especially in Latin America where it is very popular.
ESSENTIAL OIL - COCONUT (COCOS NUCIFERA) -12ML -Aromes Evasions Coconut Oil, Lotion, Lotions, Organic Oil
Essential Oils -Arômes & Évasions
Description: The 100% Coconut Organic Oil (Coconut Fractionated) does not go solid at room temperature. This oil stays liquid and clear. It is highly stable and resistant to oxidation for use in creams, lotions, and many other cosmetic preparations for skin and hair. Because it is chemically indifferent to other cosmetic ingredients, it acts as a viscosity regulator and assists in the dispersion of pigments and other additives.
Essential Oils -Arômes & Évasions
A top note with a strong pungent aroma, Eucalyptus Globulus has an herbaceous scent with woody undertones.Eucalyptus globulus Essential Oil is probably most well known for its wonderful benefits for respiratory applications including helping to ease congestion and pressure, colds, flu, fever and bronchitis. It's also a great essential oil to use in massage or other topical blends to ease muscular pain and arthritis. Blends With: Basilic, cajeput, tea tree, lemon, lavender, cedar wood & myrtle.
ESSENTIAL OIL -PEPPERMINT (MENTHA ARVENSIS) -12ML -Aromes Evasions Peppermint, Menthol, Toothache, Headache
Essential Oils -Arômes & Évasions
Mentha arvensis oil is used to treat in many stomach disorders, inflammation, and treatment of fever headache, cold and asthma. It is also good for treating toothaches and swelling of gums. Mentha arvensis also helps to alleviate arthritis. It is beneficial to relieve in insomnia and nervous tension.Because of the very high menthol content of this oil, it may crystalize.
ESSENTIEL OIL -TANSY BLUE (TANACETUM ANNUUM L) -12ML -Aromes Evasions Chamomiles, Perfume Bottles, Blue Tansy, Variety, Moroccan, Colour
Essential Oil -Tansy Blue (Tanacetum Annuum L) -12ml -Aromes Evasions
Product Abstract: Blue Tansy is also known as True Moroccan Chamomile. Another variety grown in Morocco, Ormensis multicaulis, is correctly called Wild Moroccan Chamomile, but it does not have the distinctive blue colour of the other chamomiles. Blue Tansy, like the other blue essential oils, contains the active azulene. It seems to display its strongest effects if its maximum concentration in a blend does not exceed 5%.
ESSENTIEL OIL -TANSY BLUE (TANACETUM ANNUUM L) -12ML -Aromes Evasions Sweet Scents, Powerade Bottle, White Cream, Care Products, Blending, Drink Bottles, Essential Oil, Cosmos
Essential Oil -Tansy Blue (Tanacetum Annuum L) -12ml -Aromes Evasions
VERIFIED BY ECOCERT / COSMOS APPROVED Certified Organics Aromatic Summary / Note / Strength of Aroma: A middle note with a medium aroma, Tansy Blue has a surprisingly sweet scent making it perfect for applications in skin-care products. Blends With: Blends well with most essential oils, though particularly with Ravensara and Ravintsara. When blending, special attention should be given for color issues that may arise; for example, a bluish tint or discoloration if used in a white cream or lotion.