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#fallfashion #60s #70s #pink #purple #orange #aesthetic
a man sitting on a stool in front of a camera
Photos: Models, Photographers, and Swinging-60s London: How Blow Up Was Made
David Bailey in the Vogue studios, 1965.
a woman holding a camera in front of a light and some lights on the wall
Идеи для фото с камерой
Фотограф Вера Зызова Фото с фотоаппаратом, портрет фотографа, фотосессия для фотографа, фотограф, контент съемка для фотографа, идеи для фото с фотоаппаратом
a black and white photo of a woman standing in front of a camera holding a light
Идеи для фотосессии с камерой
a black and white photo of a woman posing in front of photography equipment
a woman standing in front of a colorful wall talking on her cell phone and holding a purse
Pose Reference Photo, Sanat
The exclusive fashion story of Miles Aldridge and Harland Miller for Numéro art
a woman sitting in front of a camera on a tripod with an orange chair behind her
김다미 Kim DaMi
a woman sitting on a couch holding an orange telephone
a woman sitting on top of a white stool
Farbenfrohe Portraitfotografie für Gründerinnen, Freelancerinnen und Unternehmerinnen