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some meat is sitting on a cutting board next to a knife and bowl with pest
Steak and Chimichurri / Jennifer Chong | Los Angeles Food and Travel Photographer
Steak and Chimichurri / Jennifer Chong - LA / OC Food Photographer
some meat and potatoes are cooking in a skillet with seasoning on the side
Lamb Chops
I am not a grill meat person.. by that I mean I don't know to cook it properly, I can eat it just fine.. :D But here is my attempt at following a recipe online at grilling lamb on cast iron. Lets just say it was pretty damn delicious, Do I want to cook meat again ? no .. its too stressful for me.. #foodphotography #foodstyling #menuphotography #restaurantphotography #vancouverproductphotographer #vancouverfoodphotographer #grilledmeat #lambchops
four pieces of raw meat sitting on top of white paper
a piece of meat sitting on top of white paper
PEDEN + MUNK — Laird and Good Company
two raw meats on a black plate with mustard, garlic and olive oil next to them
Loin tjop photoshoot and styling ideas
two raw meats on a black plate with pesto and mustard
Lamb shank photoshoot ideas and styling
a black plate with a sausage on it
Boerewords photoshoot
an uncooked piece of meat on a pink background
a piece of meat with a fork sticking out of it's center on a blue background
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an assortment of meats, cheeses and fruit on a platter with dipping sauce
A Taste of Europe
Can’t pick just one? That’s why we created our A Taste Of Europe packs for you to go on a culinary tour right from the comfort of your home. It has Cervelat (for a mild, smoky tang from Central Europe), our hand-dipped Parmesano Salami (with its nutty saltiness from Northern Italy), and our Hungarian Salami (bringing those rich paprika, garlicky flavours from the east).
three packaged meats on a cutting board with fruit and crackers next to them
German-Style Charcuterie
Go on an adventure with your palatte and take a journey across Europe with our dry cure salami packs
raw meat is laid out on a table
Uncooked lamb chops by Elisabeth Coelfen / 500px