Voici 34 jolies cartes de Noël pour vous inspirer dans la créations de vos chefs-d'oeuvre!

34 jolies cartes de Noël pour inspirer vos chefs-d'oeuvre

Christmas Craft: J Is for Jesus Ornament

Christmas Craft: J Is for Jesus Ornament

Create this cute craft Jesus ornament for yourself or with a Sunday school class. This sweet ornament features baby Jesus and a candy cane.

Pouring Station: an easy toddler activity

Pouring Station Activity for Toddlers

A no-cost, high fun toddler activity using just water and cups. Create a simple pouring station that will hold your toddler's attention for a long while.

LEGO Picture Puzzles

LEGO Picture Puzzles

LEGO Picture Puzzles - I Can Teach My Child! LEGO Picture Puzzles: These are so fun for kids of all ages! Make the original picture of mix it up to make a silly one!

My sister made by daughter these for Christmas….and they are so cute…and so easy…and will hopefully entertain your kids a little bit during spring break (speaking of SPRING break…woke up to snow. awesome.) just some clip art laminated…I have this laminator and LOVE it!  (and if you don’ t have a laminator…you can use packing …

lacing cards-kids crafts

DIY Lacing Cards - would be great for the nursery or in a quiet bag : A girl and a glue gun

Singing in Primary - LDS singing time ideas and lesson plans for Primary choristers, Primary music leaders, and music in Nursery.

I've been helping out with our primary's birthday gifts for 2015 so I thought I'd share. I found the original idea HERE on sugardoo.