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two glasses filled with dessert sitting on top of a gold serving tray next to each other
הקונדיטוריה הערבית הראשונה במרכז ת"א - וואלה! אוכל
מנאל כנאפה (יח"צ , אפיק גבאי)
a piece of cake sitting on top of a white plate next to a brown cup
הקונדיטוריה הערבית הראשונה במרכז ת"א - וואלה! אוכל
מנאל כנאפה (יח"צ , אפיק גבאי)
a person eating food from a metal bowl
הקונדיטוריה הערבית הראשונה במרכז ת"א - וואלה! אוכל
מנאל כנאפה (יח"צ , אפיק גבאי)
an aerial view of a large building with a tower
Panoramio is no longer available
Nazareth. The Basilica of the Annunciation. Historically the location where the angel Gabriel told Mary she would give birth to Jesus.
several people are climbing up the side of a stone wall with their hands on it
Western wall | Israel
Woman's Western Wall
an old and new photo of people walking in front of a castle with horses on the street
Yafa Gate -Jerusalem - Palestine
an aerial view of a cliff with houses built into it and the words the wonder list written below
Cliff Dwellings Around the World
The cliff-hanging St. George’s Monastery in Israel. Photographed by Philip Bloom during a visit to Wadi Qelt for CNN’s new show The Wonder List with Bill Weir – Sundays at 10pm ET on CNN, starting March 1, 2015
an aerial view of a large building surrounded by palm trees and people walking around it
World's Most-Visited Sacred Sites
Mount of Beatitudes, Galilee, Israel you don't need to have faith - but it may help to enjoy the architecture and the place
the altar is decorated with flowers and lit candles in an old stone church, surrounded by brick walls
The "Cave" of the Annunciation
A large opening in the floor of the Basilica of the Annunciation (Nazareth, Israel) is believed to be the grotto in which the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary telling her "she would give birth to a son who would reign over the house of Jacob forever....."
an old stone building on the side of a hill with trees growing out of it
Old Jerusalem's Golden (Beautiful) Gate
Old Jerusalem's Golden (Beautiful) Gate - Blocked closed in 1541 by Ottoman Sultan Suleiman I to prevent the Messiah from entering Temple Mount (yeah, as if man can prevent God from doing anything).
an old stone archway with light at the end
people are standing on the side of a cliff with stairs leading up to some rocks
Israel Forever
Masada, Israel
an arch in the middle of a stone building with two columns and a man standing under it
Capernaum - Ruins of the Synagogue
Ruins of a Synagogue in Capernaum #Israel #archaeology
an old stone wall with steps leading up to the top and dark clouds in the background
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Ruins of Masada, Israel. It's so pretty especially if you hike to the top to watch the sun rise.