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🎆 Whispers・Aliya Orr & Saki 'Whispers' was a 2018 collaboration between @aliyaorr_studio and @sakchin_bessette in Montreal. This immersive experience combined wind, light, and sound to blend ancient and modern art for a captivating and therapeutic journey. ©️ @aliyaorr_studio @sakchin_bessette ・⁠ ・⁠ ・⁠ #installationart #visualarts #installation #creativetechnology #artandtechnology #art #lightinstallation #immersiveart #futureart #lightingdesign #newmediaart #digitalart #36degres
several people standing on a stage with paper lanterns in the shape of eyeballs
POEtry — Robert Wilson
the stage is set up with red walls and white curtains, while two people are standing in front of them
Sweeney Todd — Erhard Rom
an image of a stage setting with columns and woman in white dress standing on the stage
Rose Brand Portfolio
the king's jester is on stage with his arms in the air
The 2023 ADG Awards Nominations Announced by the Art Directors Guild
2023 ADG Awards Nominees Announced by the Art Directors Guild
a person standing on a stage surrounded by boxes
Brit Awards 2021全英音乐奖,彩色迷宫舞美设计