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an empty theater with no people in it
Anyone up for a movie?
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an old abandoned town in the desert with no people or vehicles on it and dark clouds overhead
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an old woman sitting in a chair next to a clock
Ms. Joan
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a mother raccoon holding her two baby chicks in its arms and looking at the camera
chicken & racoon
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an image of a creature with many details
I got the prompt from a book
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an oil painting of a man with a mustache and yellow scarf on his head standing in the street
A character from my short story
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a futuristic car driving down a city street
Dream car
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a person is typing on a laptop computer
Using a keyboard with an AI hand
two men hugging each other on the beach with an ocean in the background and clouds
Geriatric romance
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a painting of a woman with an umbrella on a bridge over flowers and trees in the background
Oriental Art
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a man standing on top of a snow covered mountain next to a castle in the sky
Frost Citadel
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an evil looking creature with large horns and sharp fangs on it's face, standing in front of a dark background
Doomsday (DC)
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an image of a man riding on the back of a horse next to other men
Ethiopians defeating Italians in the battle of Adowa 1896 ( fake newspaper illustration)
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a painting of a man sitting on a bench next to a lake with mountains in the background
This one hit different
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Via /r/aiArt Fracture, Celestial
The Celestial Fracture (Made with Copilot and Bing)
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