Antarctica - The White Desert.

The seventh continent of earth is also the coldest, driest, and windiest. Almost 98% solid ice, it contains the geographic South Pole and is so remote that it has no permanent human residents. But this stark place is the least polluted in the world & the largest supply of fresh water, representing nearly 2% of the world's total of fresh and salt water.
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#Antarctica - Icebergs in Paradise Harbour.

Tundra Locations Throughout the World - Biology.

#Antarctica - Huge arch shaped Iceberg.

The stark frigid atmosphere of the southern tip of the globe may not be all that hospitable, but its beauty is sublime. Antarctica holds the title

#Antarctica - Weddell Seal.

#Antarctica - Weddell Seal.

#Antarctica - Torpedoing Gentoo Penguins.

#Antarctica - Torpedoing Gentoo Penguins.

#Antarctica - Seagull amongst Iceberg.

- Seagull amongst Iceberg.

#Antarctica - Polar Bear with Cub.

Environmentalists Blast Obama's Decision to Let Shell Drill in Arctic

#Antarctica - Killer Whale haunting Penguin.

#Antarctica - Killer Whale haunting Penguin.

#Antarctica - Ecological tourists in Zodiac boats.

Antarctica Hits Degrees as Mitch McConnell Vows to Sabotage Climate Pact What sort of wake-up call do the deniers need?

#Antarctica - Antarctica Ice Shelf Edge.

Warm Water Rising from Below Threatens Antarctic Ice Sheets

#Antarctica - Antarctica Ice Caves.

Summer ice melt has increased tenfold over the last millennium in the Antarctic Peninsula, with most of the melt occurring during the last several decades in conjunction with global warming, new research suggests.