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Mold Making Material
A chocolate bunny - but make it pink 🌸 We made a mold of a bunny and filled it with melted pink chocolate. We carefully cut the mold off in order to remove the bunny, and it turned out great! Mold Making Material can be purchased from our website at https://www.artresin.ca/collections/mold-making-material #easterinspo #eastercraft #artresin #art_resin #epoxyresin #epoxyresinart
Some Easter inspo for you today!🐣 Have you ever made a mold of an egg? Hardboiled of course👆️ It's pretty fun! Mold Making Material, ResinTint, and ArtResin can all be purchased at www.artresin.com #artresin #art_resin #epoxyresin #moldmakingmaterial #diyresincrafts #easterresincraft
three plastic bowls filled with colorful candies on top of a white table next to each other
art_resin on Instagram: 🐰Easter Resin Bowls🐰 Want to learn how to make these? Check out our tutorial with @carlidcollective.ca 😊…