Lunar New Year

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several pictures of children dressed up in animal costumes
Learning about the Lion Dance in English and Chinese
Learning about the Lion Dance in English and Chinese – Ms Claudia Lee Kimura
two colorful paper masks sitting on top of a wooden table
Chinese New Year diy fun
four colorful masks with different designs on them
a drawing of a colorful dragon on a blue background
Chinese Dragon by Karin Zeller | Redbubble
Chinese Dragon Craft | Lunar New Year Activity | Paper Plate Crafts
colorful dragon banners hanging from the ceiling
a child's drawing of a dragon and a bird on a piece of paper
Ms Maggie Mo's students make texture rubbings over texture boards (purchased & created with glue), using glitter, metallic, & construx crayons-- layered, on 9x12 and 12x18 colored paper. Then they draw a wavy line on the back of the 12x18, and make another one so it tapers at one end. Cut out and glue on background paper for the body. Head is made from the smaller paper, other details made from shared scraps. They write a sentence w/2 adjectives and 2 dragon "facts". 4-5 40 min. classes.