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three frames with pictures of cats and dogs on them, one has the words bear, crankie, catnip
Framed paw print art. Frame is from Hobby Lobby and I used kid-friendly, non-toxic ink to stamp their paws. Clean them up after with baby wipes :) #DIY #pawprints #dogs
two pictures showing different stages of building a cat house
Cat Products: Must Have Stuff For Cat Lovers - Spiffy Pet Products
♥ DIY Cat Stuff ♥ DIY Cat Project: How to build the ultimate cat castle! This is a great idea to keep indoor cats busy.
an orange and white cat laying on top of a bed with the caption, get yours now
Keep your kitty happy and healthy with Purrfect Silver Vine! Silver Vine works on 80% of cats, including 75% that don't like catnip. While your cat enjoys themselves it gently rubs their teeth clean, helping to prevent painful oral conditions that impact a majority of cats!
an image of a cat playing in the living room with its litter box and toys
Cat Behavior
The attractive design of this cat tree is an excellent way #Cattoyideas
two cats sitting on top of a cat tree in a room with carpeted floors
Stop Everything And Make This Tree Stump Cat Scratch Pad
This is so satisfying somehow.
a black and white cat laying in a litter box on the ground with green grass
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Make a grass lounge for your indoor cat with a cement mixing pan and a sheet of sod from your local hardware store. (Only $10 for the tray and sod, new sod costs about $2.50 in our area and lasts up to 5 days indoors.)
two pictures of the same cat house with stairs and litter boxes on each side, in different positions
Katzen Zubehör auf bestellen.
Spoiled kitty comfort station hidden in mudroom space
there are many cats sleeping in the cat tree
katvriendelijke kamer
a living room with hard wood flooring and white trim on the walls, along with an open door
Kitty's Business
896 YDC: Kitty's Business
there are many cats sleeping in the cat tree
katvriendelijke kamer
a cat house made out of scratch sticks and other items with caption that reads, i guess it'll do
Gata Lili
super cat house