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Best Rabbit Repellent

The best rabbit repellent contains strong smelling or unpleasant tasting ingredients. Prepare homemade rabbit repellent with correct ingredients, and use it to dissuade rabbits from nibbling and eating your garden plants.

Tuberous Begonia

Tuberous Begonia The most glamorous bulb for shade, tuberous begonia produces gorgeous roselike flowers in a wide range of shades. It grows particularly well in containers such as window boxes and hanging baskets.

making daylilies bloom again, flowers, gardening, clip off the whole seed stem

Several varieties of daylily (Stella d'Oro, Blackeyed Stella, Happy Returns, etc) are known as reblooming daylilies. Their first bloom period is just about over…

Welcome into your garden the easiest-to-grow, most-beautiful-to-behold Baby's Breath yet! Gypsy White won the Fleuroselect Novelty Award -- Europe's top award for seeds -- and now it's ready to discover America!Gypsy White is a naturally compact, very free-flowering Baby's Breath with fine pale green foliage, excellent branching, and more flowers over a longer season than ever before. Though just 6 inches high and 8 inches wide, it blooms from May through September in most climates, bringing…

Gypsophila Gypsy White is a Baby's Breath from seed with compact white blooms and airy gray-green foliage. Winner of a Fleuroselect Award, it blooms over 3 seasons and is great for cutting.