interesting facts about germany Infographic                              …

interesting facts about germany Infographic.why does this just make me convinced Germany is the greatest place ever: bread, animals, and beer?

Official Canadian Temperature Chart

Official Canadian Temperature Chart


I *heart* Tim Hortons! Wore the Jersey for the Buffalo Sabres until his death. We still miss you Timmy!

Two Minutes Of Canada.  This Video Will Put A Smile On Your Face.

The makers of this video asked Canadians to share clips of their best travel experiences.

So true! .. love my Tim Hortons

canadian meme (applies to us Michigan folk too!)--> I would like to disagree with this but I can't due to the fact that my family stops to get something from timmies at almost every quick stop when we're on road trips

Canadian Problems found on Polyvore

My dad keeps insisting the scissors in the kitchen are too dull to cut the bag - despite the fact I use them for that all the time.


It's still beautiful fall harvest weather outside AS IT SHOULD BE.

Fun fact, Terry Fox

Fun fact, Terry Foxes mum lives in my city! For school, all the schools in Canada run a fundraiser off cancer in his name.

Terry Fox : One Of The Most Famous Canadians Of All Time Running The Marathon Of Hope 1980

Terry Fox hoped to raise one dollar for each of Canada’s 24 million people, a goal he met despite being forced to end his run after 143 days and kilometers when his cancer spread to his lungs. He died nine months after being forced to end his marathon.