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A rare and very valuable pink diamond has been found in Australia: my love for diamonds and gemstones starts at the source. It's mind lowing that our earth creates these beautiful minerals.

*AUSTRALIA ~ Pink diamonds: The Argyle Diamond Mine is the world's largest supplier of natural coloured diamonds, from exotic champagne diamonds to remarkably rare pink diamonds, the signature stone of the Argyle Diamond mine.

A rough blue diamond, one of the rarest and most coveted in the world with a possible price tag of tens of millions of dollars, has been discovered at the famed Cullinan mine in South Africa by mining company Petra Diamonds Ltd.

Rare blue diamond found in South African mine could break records

A rare blue diamond that might fetch over £10 million when it is sold and could world records for its clarity, has been discovered in a mine near Pretoria in South Africa.

Very specialand rare Blue Octahedron Spinel with natural growth marks from Sri Lanka Photo Ben Decamp Bill Larson Collection Th. Best Picture For Rockhounding iowa For Your Taste You are looking f

Blue Octahedron Spinel w/ natural growth marks from Sri Lanka

Fluorite - green natural stones (wish is was a harder stone) Minerals And Gemstones, Crystals Minerals, Rocks And Minerals, Stones And Crystals, Vanitas, Chakra Crystals, Beautiful Rocks, Rocks And Gems, Diamond Gemstone

Fluorite Specimens - Fluorite Crystals - Tumbled Fluorite

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Montana sapphires occur at three commercial secondary deposits: Rock Creek, Dry Cottonwood Creek and the Missouri River area. These rough and faceted Rock Creek stones show the range of permanent colors after routine heat treatment. Minerals And Gemstones, Rocks And Minerals, Gem Hunt, Sapphire Gemstone, Sapphire Pendant, Sapphire Earrings, Blue Sapphire, Silver Earrings, Rocks And Gems

Alluvial Sapphires from Montana: Inclusions, Geochemistry, and Indications of a Metasomatic Origin | Gems & Gemology

Rough and faceted sapphires from Rock Creek, Montana

Life can at time can be rough like a diamond but it all smooths out!

Botswana’s Scintillating Moment | Gems & Gemology

Examines the history of diamond production in Botswana and the long-term outlook for beneficiation through value-added industries.

diamant brut 198 cts Letseng mine Gem Diamonds

En direct des mines de pierres precieuses

Comme BusBy, vous souhaitez découvrir les dernières trouvailles des compagnies diamantifaires ? Cette rubrique est faite pour vous !...

Diamond Gemstones The real Pink Panther: Australia's largest rosy diamond is discovered The jewel The real Pink Panther: Australia's largest

15 самых дорогих бриллиантов (15 фото)

«Лучшие друзья девушек – это бриллианты» – знаменитая песня из мюзикла и фильма «Джентльмены предпочитают блондинок». Что ж, пришло время познакомитьс

 has recovered a 257 ct. rough diamond from its Karowe Mine in Botswana. So far this year, the Karowe concession has recovered 14 stones larger than 100 carats, including a 239 ct. piece of rough in March.

Lucara Recovers a 257-Carat Diamond at Karowe

RAPAPORT... Lucara Diamond Corporation recovered a 257.24-carat rough diamond from its Karowe mine in Botswana. This very large stone marks the 14th exceptionally large diamonds --or one with more than 100 carats-- to be recovered this year. There have been 47 rough diamonds recovered that...

GIA examines a ct pale yellow diamond from Diavik, the largest rough diamond ever found in Canada.

Examination of the Largest Canadian Diamond | Gems & Gemology

GIA examines a 187.66 ct pale yellow diamond from Diavik, the largest rough diamond ever found in Canada.

12.41 Carat lot of MIXED FANCY COLORS Natural Uncut Rough Diamonds WHOLESALE

12.41 Carat lot of MIXED FANCY COLORS Natural Uncut Rough Diamonds WHOLESALE

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Argyle Pink Jubilee - Carats Rare Pink Diamond found by mining giant Rio Tinto in a West Australian mine

Largest Argyle Pink Diamond Rough

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