Cottage Life

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a small blue bird perched on top of a wooden post in front of green grass
Will Blunt • Beach Vibes
the sun is setting behind some trees and clouds in the sky, with only one cloud visible
Mama MOE, Digital Storyteller shared a photo on Instagram: “Sunday night beauty.” • See 2,154 photos and videos on their profile.
some white flowers are in the tall grass
Sol Rising • The Journey
a boy sitting on the ground playing with soap bubbles in front of an open field
Mama MOE, Digital Storyteller on Instagram: “They are still kids. They have gone through so much this year. They heard the news: about people dying, they may have even known friends…”
two young boys standing next to an open fire pit with flames in the middle of it
a person holding up a red leaf in front of some trees and blue sky with white clouds
a raccoon is sitting in the middle of a tree
a pile of rocks sitting on top of a wooden table
a squirrel sitting on top of a tree branch in the middle of a wooded area
the sun shines through the trees in an autumn forest
two people cross a stream in the woods
a leaf that is laying on the ground
two people in a small boat on a river surrounded by green trees and grass, with the sky reflected in the water