Colmar, France. Talk about a FairyTale Village!

Colmar, France Considered one of the most beautiful and fairytale-esque towns in Europe. (I really really want to go to France!) It is so colorful and lively!

▶ Remembrance Day Canada ('Soldiers Cry' by Roland Majeau) - YouTube

Remembrance Day Canada ('Soldiers Cry' by Roland Majeau). RIP, all brave men, women & animals!

"In Flanders Fields" was written by Canada's Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae.  He was a  physician, teacher, author, poet, artist.  He  served in Belgium as a surgeon in WW1.   Image by Emily Beale.

"In Flanders Fields" image by Emily Beale; poem by John McCrae One of the most famous poem on WWI

The famous Remembrance Day poem "In Flanders Fields" by John McCrae

‘It’s really a hometown story’: John McCrae honoured in Guelph

life inspiration quotes: Inspirational quotes about death

STAND IN THE RAIN. a raindrop landing on your cheek is a kiss from someone that lives in heaven and is watching over you.

"Silent Night" a Wartime Christmas Truce

A Christmas truce - British and Germans fraternize, December Soldiers of the rival armies exchanged sweets, cigars, and cigarettes, and sang carols and songs in unison. A German movie was made about ten years ago about this moment.