Elbow Falls sunrise in Kananaskis Country, Alberta

Elbow Falls sunrise at Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada . at the end of the day, imagine camping by a scene like this.


This Hilariously Long Tumblr Thread Plots How Canada Will Achieve World Domination

My favourites are "Canada that totally is a planet shut the f up" and "not a single lady Canada" and "Milky Eh"

Home !

Canada Home T-shirt

Canada - true north strong and free. I would LOVE a t-shirt like this :)


Canadians aren't the only ones who pronounce it this way. The British also say zee zed. Since they invented the English language; I'm gonna say we Canadians and Brits are pronouncing it right.

Hell yes! Of course we do ;)

The bars were allowed to open at in alberta. Extra transit and taxi services were added and everything. All for a hockey game. I LOVE CANADA!

Beautiful and cold in the Canadian Rockies

"Cold and Alone" photo/Marc Adamus. The solitary unfrozen line of a burried stream disappears into a frozen lake and the sunset beyond, photographed from a very remote lake on the North face of Jasper's Mount Fryatt, in Alberta.