drawing on pebbles

First, of course, you need to find the perfect stone. Look for smooth rounded stones. Maybe you have a certain design in mind. Or you can take reference of below DIY stone painting and art ideas.

how to draw hair

How to draw hair. I used to like searching through pictures of actresses and actors to find accurate descriptions of characters. now I don't have to if I can at least learn how to draw their hair!

how to draw hair

how to draw hair line-based-inspiration. These are really cute hair ideas for me to try! Good resource if I need to draw hair ever

Com um pouco de prática e persistência conseguimos chegar em níveis jamais alcançados, vamos ver se alguém se arrisca a tentar fazer este exercício e ficar próximo ao da imagem :)     Quem quiser, envie o resultado para o e-mail guilherme@lucianoaugusto.com.br, e vamos inserir em nossa Galeria do Pinterest

How to draw eyes. As an artist I have always found the eyes difficult to draw, now you can learn step by step!

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