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a painting of a man and woman sitting at a table with drinks in their hands
Georgy Kurasov / Георгий Курасов, 1958 | Cubist painter
a painting of two people dancing in front of red curtains
Georgy Kurasov / Георгий Курасов, 1958 | Cubist painter
a painting of a bridge over a river in the fall with trees and foliage around it
Sergei Toutounov
an oil painting of a country road with houses and trees in the fall colors on it
Autumn landscape, c.1895 - Isaac Levitan -
autumn landscape | Autumn landscape - Isaac Levitan -
an abstract painting of houses and trees
vitaly makarov | Landscape art, Landscape paintings, Painting
Vitaly Makarov (b1971; Yssentuki, Caucasus, Russia)
a painting of two chairs in an old log cabin
Российский Сервис Онлайн-Дневников
Жуковский Станислав Юлианович - Stanislav Zhukovski
a naked woman standing in front of a window
Andrew Wyeth
an oil painting of a forest scene
Winter Forest - Ivan Shishkin -
Forest Landscape with Herons, 1870 Ivan Shishkin
a painting of a woman's face with blue eyes and brown hair, wearing a gray shirt
Jessica Chastain (INTERSTELLAR) by sharandula on DeviantArt
Elena Berezina
a painting of two women dressed in white, one holding a violin and the other playing an instrument
Lena Sotskova/Timeless OR
Lena Sotskova/Timeless OR
a painting of a woman playing the violin and another man standing next to her with an angel behind her
Lena Sotskova/Romance OR
Lena Sotskova/Romance OR
a group of people standing next to each other
Lena Sotskova/EntourageOR
Lena Sotskova/EntourageOR
a painting of two people playing the piano
Lena Sotskova/Music RoomOR
Music Room