48 Everyday French Words to Describing People and Place (slang)

48 Everyday French Words to Describe People and Place (slang)

Know how to describe person & place in French the right way aka the street way. Check out all the commonly used words & terms in the French street language

Tips for Teaching Kids a Second Language


Ever wonder how your school compares to the rest of the world? Here is my view on the difference between French and American schools.

FREE-Graphic Representation of School Systems in France and Quebec

This document shows the school systems in France and Quebec. It is a great reference for students so that they can see the progression of the years. It is interesting to have students create their own version of their school system as a comparison.

12 common French gestures

12 common French gestures - Comme une Française--has the word drunk in it--but so many other good ones that I am going to pin it.might be a good teacher resource instead of showing in class.

French language across the world (in English) - Good intro to where french is spoken/francophonie lesson for beginners

(Good BrainBreak) The word 'francophonie' was first employed in 1880 to refer to people and countries using the French language globally. Today there are more than 220 million.

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