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Audrey-Maude Jalbert

Audrey-Maude Jalbert
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Always, somebody could quite literally run me over and I would say sorry.

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Grl Pwr, Feminism

Pro-choice and pro-gay marriage because it's not a third party's decision! @ screamitrikki And in terms of "pro-gay marriage". Gay marriage is just marriage. Anything else is discrimination.

I think this is true, people need to stop making excuses for the boys that catcall or just plain stare at girl body parts. This happens to be the reason i wear loose shirts. Because I am self conscious and some boys do not know how to control themselves.

hair grows on bodies and that is okay, for women and men alike. leg hair does not make anyone more or less feminine. it's okay if someone doesn't want to shave and it's okay if they do. it's nothing to judge someone for!

This sign is the truth. We do live in a rape culture and if people think the things people wear make it okay or provoke them to rape then that is the same as people believing it would be okay to break someones face because of how they act