Canadian Problems. "no kids there's no time to grab your coat!" unless MY coat is actually on fire, you bet your ass i'm gonna grab it.

And JUST after you've switched to your "indoor shoes" after recess. Wait - are "indoor shoes" a Canadian thing, too?

WTF this must what it looks like up north ( lives in the southern part of Ontario, warmest part of Canada)

Texas, winter storm of the century (rain wet streets) --- Canada, Wednesday

Haha it sucked being a primary kid... Intermediates were the best. But my family calls them skipants

I never wear snowpants anymore, but I remember when I was little and this was so true

Sandy McTire

Canadian Tire money, in a display of world currency, ahaha! (My husband's been known to tease clerks in USA stores with Canadian Tire money) :-/


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Here's A Map Of How Canadians See Other Canadians

Here's A Map Of How Canadians See Other Canadians

I love being Canadian!! Yes, they let the bars open and serve beer at 7:00am because of the Olympics!! What a cool country I live in!

The bars were allowed to open at in alberta. Extra transit and taxi services were added and everything. All for a hockey game. I LOVE CANADA!