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10 Tips when assembling bulletin boards!  Check out this blog post that is filled with photos and ideas for making bulletin boards in your classroom!

All Things Bulletin Boards

Well, it's that time of year when teachers are starting to get back into their classrooms! I don't know about you but one thing that I do enjoy getting ready are my bulletin boards.

The Fun Cheap or Free Queen: The bulletin board of all bulletin boards...DIY for less than $12! (...and it's GIANT!)

Easy DIY Bulletin Board That's Super Cheap! - Fun Cheap or Free

Easy DIY Bulletin Board! A quick, easy, and cheap project to display kids artwork, chore charts and more. Perfect for this non-DIY kinda gal.

Minute to Win it Game ~ Floatacious

Minute To Win It #3

Free! Sign Language Alphabet and Number Wall Cards


I'm sure everyone knows by now that TPT is having its huge Back To School sale in the next few days! And I'm putting my store on sale, as w...

6 Mini Posters for classroom

Classroom Signs

This is a set of 6 brightly colored mini posters (standard paper size) that can be printed and hung up in your classroom. I have them in frames in my classroom, but they can easily be laminated or stapled on a bulletin board. These are common quotes and/or sayings that are all in coordinating colo...

***FREEBIE*** Alphabet Word Wall Cards for your word wall or as flashcards.  Super cute!!

Alphabet Word Wall Cards

***FREEBIE*** Alphabet Word Wall Cards for your word wall or as flashcards. Super cute!!

Alphabet Posters FREE

Alphabet Posters

Alphabet Posters includes alphabet posters to display in your classroom! There are 44 posters altogether. Please Note- I have also included 1 optional poster for the following letters- A, E,G, I, O,P, T, U, X and now all vowel posters come in black and red letters.I have now added 2 Alphabet Char...

Safely Using Videos in the Classroom

Safely Using Videos in the Classroom - The Brown Bag Teacher

So, you’ve found the perfect Science Kids video to launch your writing unit or a just-right song to review that phonics skill, you hit play on the video and allofasudden you see Hedi Klum’s body in a bikini rolling on a beach, a man taking a little blue pill to “get in the game” and...

Why I LOVE @BloomzApp for building relationships with and between students' parents

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Keeping all of your students’ parents in the loop is no easy task. There are unsigned forms to track, forgotten requests for volunteers, and phone calls about student progress to return. Not to mention that parent contact comprises so many different avenues of communication: we have to stay on top of calls, notes, email, voicemail, and more. The ideal solution? …

Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives: Environmental Print! {Freebies!}  This is BRILLIANT and totally worth $4

Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

Check out what I've been up to this week! That's right. I've been gallivanting all over the city snapping pictures for my new Environ...

Don't throw old whiteboards away. This article describes how to restore dry erase whiteboards that become hard to erase and/or require constant cleaning. After following these steps, the whiteboard will become easy to erase again. Erase...

How to Restore a Whiteboard

How to Restore a Whiteboard. Don't throw old whiteboards away. This article describes how to restore dry erase whiteboards that have become hard to erase and/or require constant cleaning. While it's very difficult to get the board back to...

Bright VS Gifted

You might be gifted if...

Many myths and misconceptions about gifted students exist in the minds of parents and educators alike. I myself am the proud parent of a gifted child and I am privileged to teach gifted students. In my many years as an educator I have observed a wide variety of behaviours and characteristics. I have also seen/read many published checklists of "gifted" behaviours and characteristics. One thing I can say for certain, is that NOT all gifted students are alike and they are not all gifted in the…