Austin Aubé

Austin Aubé

Pre-service teacher studying at the University of Alberta.
Austin Aubé
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Oversby (2011) questions the benefit of intellect if the results cannot be applied to the real world. We want our nursing students to move beyond being merely "intellectual." We want them to be innovative, critical thinkers who are able to actively participate in and advance our profession.

Survive and Thrive! An Advocacy Toolkit for School Librarians, "We believe that School Librarians are uniquely qualified to teach to and assist in the implementation of the new standards; they are Century skills experts.

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This fun quote perfectly describes why we need to continue to further our knowledge as teachers. Not only knowledge of the curriculum, but also knowledge of how to run our classroom in the most effective way possible.

In the Questions and Answers about Collaborative Learning Infographic, we answer five interesting, frequently asked questions about collaborative learning.

Learn about collaborative learning, the role of technology in collaborative learning and how are collaborative classrooms different from traditional ones.

What is the difference between collaborative and cooperative learning?

If you want your students interested try giving them collaborative learning instead of cooperative learning. By allowing them to use collaborative learning it makes them responsible for their own work and it is led by them ​and is more natural that way.