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The reason i am re-posting this into my Zelda board is because the location looks a lot like Skyview Temple (Skyward Sword) in my opinion ^_^

She likes to draw and help people yet stays in secluded areas. She has some magic which she only uses for good and her specialty happens to be anything that has to do with stone or anything else earth. She loves nature and strives to protect it if


Funny pictures about Bowl cut mullet. Oh, and cool pics about Bowl cut mullet. Also, Bowl cut mullet.


"Last week I was elated to find a six-pack of Sharpies at the local dollar store. What a deal, right? Today, a closer look revealed that I had actually purchased one of Sharpie's retarded siblings: Skerple.

Trying to cook: | 27 Pictures That Are Just Too Real>>>>His face.... he is so done

This actually happened to me.but it only burned my microwave ^_^* I kinda looked like England when that happened.but I took out the cup before it caught on fire. In my defense, it was finals week!