From nail polish to crystals

Every toy car is individually glued to the surface of the Capri and covered in a layer of clear resin. Car Truth picture of the week, December 2015

The Camera Van

Insanely Decorated Cars and Vehicles

We love the concept of a photo studio in a ‘Camera Van’. Created by Harrod Blank back in the van sports over 2700 cameras, which the owner painstakingly installed onto the car one by one.

Who ya gonna call ?

Howard Davis is the creator of the Phone Car a modified a 1975 Volkswagen Beetle.

some say creative, I say crazy

some say creative, I say crazy

It's really kind of cute

Not for rainy days Funny Photo of the day for Thursday, 06 March 2014 from site Jokes of The Day - Mice Beetle

Mexican Beaded VW

Amazing Huichol Bead Work on Wheels - They used more than 2 million seed beads along with nearly 35 pounds of fabric, paint, yarn and resin. Resin was probably applied and the beads were then embedded in the resin.

That's Bananas

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