50+ Dollar Store Craft Ideas

60 Projects to Make with Dollar Store Supplies - DIY & Crafts. I see this stuff and get all excited and then I actually visit my dollar store. Im guessing dollar stores in other parts of the country must be nicer. - Model Home Interior Design

Today I Will...Find the Perfect Gift for My Family - Oprah.com

A Kindle Fire HD is my ideal gift because it does everything I need it to. I'm in tech heaven!

Bose VideoWave II - Oprah.com

Bose VideoWave II All-Entertainment TV + Home Theater + Music System - Oprah's Favorite Things of 2012

Beats Studio Headphones - Oprah.com

Beats Studio Headphones Fresh Beats "It's no secret that Beats are my favorite headphones, and the latest version is the best yet: Besides t.

Phone Charger Cases - Oprah.com

Phone Charger Cases Take Charge "These bright, sleek cases not only protect your iPhone, they can charge it, providing up to 80 percent extra juice.

Screen Gem - Oprah.com

Flip it up and it's a traditional notebook PC; push it flat and it's a touchscreen tablet; fold it backward and it's a mini movie screen (wi.

Qooq Touch Kitchen Tablet - Oprah.com

Qooq Touch Kitchen Tablet

"I'm a refrigerator chefI cook whatever I have on hand. That's why I think the Qooq touch tablet is fantastic: It's loaded with recipes searchable by ingredient, with videos that show exactly how that cream sauce is supposed to look.

Nook HD - Oprah.com

Nook HD

How to Sync or Copy Music From iTunes to Nook Tablet, If you can easily copy or transfer the music files from iTunes to Barnes and Noble Nook.

Nikon Coolpix S01 Camera - Oprah.com

Nikon Coolpix Camera Hot Shot This tiny pink camera is smaller than a credit card—perfect for any pocket or capture-worthy moment.

Tec Touch Gloves - Oprah.com

The iPod in Winter The perpetually plugged-in no longer have to pull off their gloves to browse through their tunes. Tec Touch gloves ensure convenient scrolling and texting with "digital zones" on the thumb and forefinger.

Striiv Pedometer - Oprah.com

Striiv Pedometer

This sleek, overachieving pedometer motivates with games, goals, even charity donations.

Quik Pod - Oprah.com

Quik Pod - Get the Picture "Tired of flagging down fellow tourists to get vacation snapshots? This easy-to-pack extendable arm lets you capture the moment yourself. It works with every digital camera and includes a tripod for full-length photos.


This heated seat pad, discovered by The Grommet, keeps you warm and comfortable outdoors, even in chilly weather.