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yaoi funny | soul eater strip poker by malame

ok soul eater is my new obsession so there'll be more deviations from this show^^ --- soul eater characters enjoying themselves I don't know why I thoug.

SoMa by ~artist-omako on deviantART

drcry: “By: artist-omako Might be a little early for Christmas, but never to early for a kiss.

Uh sorry to break it to u boys but I'm the fangirl and.....*evil voice: u can never out run me * *evil smile* and btw black star can go I only want....* pulls out a list* maka,soul,Stein,soul(lol),kid,soul,patty,madusa,death,and ..........that's it (I like the others but these r my fav)oh!!! And SOUL!!!!! And maka so I can push them together and make them kiss * more evil smiling* lol

Photo of HURRY BLACK STAR for fans of Soul Eater. Black star needs more the speed star to out run fangirls