hockey players

duh hockey players are so much tougher than Guy Italian soccer players. not the girls who don't care about broken bones

Funny Pictures – 38 Pics

Snow Bed: This one looks ideal for a frigid night's sleep in your own snow bed. The snow night table was already a nice touch. The real alarm clock and photo in a frame on top of it really complete the picture.


Winter in Canada – Funny Pics & comments

Drinking Around the World.  That's def how we Canadians do it!

Funny pictures about Drinking in different countries. Oh, and cool pics about Drinking in different countries. Also, Drinking in different countries.

Only in Canada compilation <3 Love being a Canadian <3

Only in Canada compilation

Life in Canada.... You kidding me, thats Saskatchewan life! Totally true  :)

Life in Canada…

Funny pictures about Weather in Canada. Oh, and cool pics about Weather in Canada. Also, Weather in Canada.


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Please Try Again After The Game

The Country You've Tried To Reach Is Watching Hockey. Please Try Again After The Game. This is Canada

Things are getting tense

Funny pictures about The Canadian Mob. Oh, and cool pics about The Canadian Mob. Also, The Canadian Mob.

haha this is so true! We just like the change of season!

If u live in Wisconsin u no the 45 degrees is t shirt and jean weather!

gotta love those america jokes

hehehe, I'd be offended on my dear Americans' behalf if I wasn't laughing out loud right now :)