Our brun, dis-moi... slideshare of entire story in French

"Ours brun, dis-moi" slideshare of entire story in French -- kids love it in any language, but I wish the translation didn't sound so awkward compared to the rhyming original

Star de la semaine

Star de la semaine, plus books to read/activities to do with class

10 interesting French games for kids

10 Interesting French Games And Activities For Kids

Do you want to teach french to your child in a fun way? Here is the list of interesting french games for kids that can make him fall in love with the language. Read on

French PHONICS foldable flaps - an interactive way to get kids to learn phonics. Teaching French sounds. Le son CH.

What are French phonics foldable flaps? This post will show you how one foldable flap can be used in several different ways to practice French sounds.