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there are no boring people, only weak drinks all day @ armadillo grill
There are no boring people. Only weak drinks.
a cooler sitting on top of a carpet covered floor
love this idea. probably doing this for someones christmas or birthday present soon! :)
a bottle of corona beer sitting on top of a table
My Corona - i'm in that percentage of people in the world that finds alcohol repellent but i do appreciate a beer and lime in the summer
a bottle of canadian maple syrup next to a red glass mug on a black table
Molson Canadian Victory Bottle *GIVEAWAY
Molson Canadian Giveaway
a bottle of wine with a label on it that says, a taste of history
Molson Canadian
a bottle of canadian beer with water droplets on the top and bottom, in front of a white background
Molson Canadian, founded in Montreal, Quebec. - as we now know its called a Canadian not a Molson...murica!!!