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Who loves Oysters? We do! Where these photos may not represent the dishes we serve at the Bistro they are wonderful to share!
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an image of oysters being held up by someone holding one with the word oysters on it
Obviously - Minimally Invasive
obviously, if you don't love life, you can't enjoy an oyster- eleanor clark
several oysters on a plate with lemon wedges
Travel Guides
Drakes Bay: Fresh Local Oysters Without the Wait by Andi Fisher #travel #eat #California
oysters on an ice tray with lemon wedges and salt in bowls next to them
Menu Items
Oysters on the half shell, Jason Varney
oysters on the half shell with lemon and lettuce garnishes
Foods That Improve Sperm Quality
Oysters have a high iron-content, which promotes nail growth and strength.
a plate with oysters on an ice covered table
Thriving Twenties
a white plate topped with oysters next to a lemon wedge
Eating Adventure 2010 - Alexandra's Kitchen
Chablis and oysters will make the monk leave the cloisters! And obviously a glass of muscadet or blanc de blanc champagne would be most welcome with these too.
oysters on the half shell with dipping sauce
Oysters from B Oysters in Boston, MA
oysters on the half shell with lemon wedges
Days of wine and oysters
Sea food: Octopus (es. Pulpo). Cuttlefish (es. Sepia). Squid (es. Calamar). Clam (lt. Almeja). Cockle (lt. Sirdutes, es. Berberechos). Razor clam (es. Navaja). Oyster (es. Ostras). Mussels (es. Mejillones).
an empty wine glass sitting on top of a table
F&O Fabforgottennobility
champagne and oysters and palm trees, oh my!
a platter filled with oysters and lemon slices
Canape: pacific oysters w red wine vinaigrette
a plate of pasta with mussels and sauce
Best New Recipes, Menu Plans, & Special Diet Recipes
Oysters, Clams, and Mussels
three oysters in a silver plate on a table
Beautiful #oysters. How do you enjoy yours?
several oysters on an ice tray with sauce and condiments in the middle
Forkly - Dig In
Oysters Casino
an open oyster shell on a plate with a fork
Grilled Oysters with Paprika Garlic Butter - Rasa Malaysia
Baked Oysters from RasaMalaysia.com Click to page two for the recipe. #low_carb #oysters
a plate full of oysters with lemon wedges
Oysters to Dewberries - C&I Magazine
Oysters to Dewberries - Cowboys & Indians - March 2012 Grilled oysters on the half shell.
several baskets filled with lots of different types of food on display in front of a tent
buying fresh oysters in Brittany
a plate with oysters on an ice covered table
I can never say no to oysters | Nicole Franzen Photo, via Flickr
a white plate topped with oysters covered in sauce and garnished with toppings
Hog Island Oysters! I WANT YOU IN MY BELLY!
oysters and clams are on the table ready to be eaten
Slow Food a Stoccarda | foto e fornelli
Oysters were a regular food of the poor in Victorian England. As Dickens' Sam Weller remarks, 'Poverty and oysters always seem to go together'
raw oysters on a baking sheet ready to be cooked
Oysters with Chilled Old Bay Broth
three oysters are sitting on some ice
oysters... I want some!
an overhead view of oysters on the half shell
Oysters with Champagne Mignonette PAINT+PLATE - Bijouxs | Little Jewels from the Kitchen
Oysters with Champagne Mignonette (oysters rockefeller, champagne mignonette and dry ice)
a white plate topped with lots of oysters next to a bowl of ketchup
How to open oysters - Easy instructions with photos - Laylita's recipes
How to open oysters, love the sauce too!
several oysters with broccoli and other toppings on a silver platter
Oysters Rockefeller Recipe
oysters and wine on a table by the water
Getaway ... To Paradise
dustjacket attic: Getaway ... To Paradise
oysters on ice with lemon wedges and parsley garnished with red onion
how to shuck oysters
barron point #oysters from washington
an oyster with ice and lemon wedges
oysters on ice with lemon wedges and water
Ken & Cook
a plate with oysters, pickles and lemon wedges on it next to silverware
Little girl, Big city
Oysters, Beautiful Presentation