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For me math is red like the blood of my dying soul, science is green, history is blue like Alexander Hamiltons war jacket, and English is pink cuz you can read and I like it and I like pink too>>Odd I always associated English with blue, math with red

Get your crap together, Marvel

I sort of like the Bruce and Natasha ship (Clintasha for the win, tho!), but I definitely think it was rushed, as well as the Steve Sharon ship.<<Also, have you seen Captain America: Winter Soldier? They've talked more than 3 times.

We are the pirates who don't do anything we just stay home and lie around so if you ask us to do anything well just tell you We don't do anything<---Judging by the lyrics, the other Avengers crack up when Fury calls Tony

Oh yeah, Tony is definitely the one who really needs to be careful...

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I want him to come back soooo badly! Even if it's just for the musical episode, I want him back. Everyone else on the show comes back! (Except for Adam...)

Season Still no Gabriel. :( Season Finale: "A horribly immoral force that was beaten back by God and his Archangels" ~Death Me: OHHHHH! They better be back season 11 or so help me Chuck,, it will Not be pretty!