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Unfortunately, there will  always be a top smartphone in each other trying to grab the most market share. iPhone and Android are the pair that reign supreme, however the possibilities of change are high. There is no doubt that recycling will be frequent every time a top 5 list comes out which will be different than the last years.

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To anyone who has hated mowing the lawn as much as I did (even though I never have) here is an innovative machine to mow the law. RIP to lawn mowers as now there are robotic ones that do all the dirty work around the house. Lawn mowers were never a good thing to begin with.

Husqvarna's robotic lawn mower, the Automower® is a battery driven mower that trims your lawn, automatically and quietly during any weather and time of the day.

Before, e-readers only had the sole purpose of reading books that were inputed into the device. Now with the Kindle Fire, does anything an iPad can do. With wifi connectivity and applications, e-readers are now much more advanced than ever before.

The dominance of Apple Ipad in the tablet market is about to come to an end. Kindle Fire is combining the reader.

No doubt did the era of PC has come to an end. Laptops, netbooks and tablets have taken over the scene as we watch the bulky desktop computers trash our recycling units and landfills. We have all-in-one PCS without the excessive units attached to the CPU. Good-bye to the good old days of having three parts in our home computers.

The High Price of RA Employees. From treatments to doctor visits, living with a long-term disease like rheumatoid arthritis costs money. After taking a closer look, researchers found that there are also hidden costs to living with this disease.

"Eastman Kodak has shocked the world today, announcing that it has put an end to its camera business." That's the end of one of the founders of modern photography and photo-taking devices. The recycling of such cameras because of the discontinuation will mean more metal in our landfills.

Or perhaps the reaction should be: what film business? Regardless, the company is auctioning off what's left of its print film business and other segments amid its bankruptcy proceedings.