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Seriously, lies are always spread by haters because they want what you have that can never be theirs!

It's hard to stop planning for every possible outcome. I sometimes try to have backup plans for my backup plans. Time to take a deep breath and just "be".

1 Peter Proverbs Psalm Understand that God is ALWAYS in control. Our job is to submit and surrender to His will for us. Die to self daily and let the Lord direct our paths. Then you will experience true peace through obedience.

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Even if we become born again we are sinners. we look for other things, in the world, of our flesh, to fill the void in us, spiritually which only Jesus can fill .

For sin is disobedience to the law. Do you know the laws of your God? Does your church teach them? Are you even familiar with what the church represents? Read your bible to see what happened anytime Jesus encountered church folk. Do you have an idea of what true church is suppose to be? Read Acts. Did you know there are suppose to be none poor in the midst of the congregation? All this is found in your Bible yet none of these truths are taught.

God exposes sin not to shame us but to change us. Oh, the glorious and wonderful love of God! There is no shame in admitting your sin and accepting the discipline of God. God isn't looking to shame us and make us feel worthless!