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Vinatarta is an Icelandic Christmas Cake that we always have at the Christmas service at our little church. Layers of sugar cookie and cooked prunes (sounds weird, but it's really quite tasty) - wouldn't be Christmas without it. Sweet Recipes, Cake Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Prune Cake, Yummy Treats, Sweet Treats, Traditional Christmas Food, Nordic Recipe, Norwegian Food


ORIGINALLY POSTED NOVEMBER 26, 2011! (Re-posting for Christmas 2012, Because I don't want to re-write the whole thing, since I already did it last year... AND because it is the most popular post on my blog! So Here it is: Completely as it was last year when I wrote it:) You are probably thinking "OH MY GAWD!, she is actually writing a new blog post!" Or, if you read the title of this, you might be thinking: "Vina-whata?" I don't really know what you are thinking, because this is the kind of…

I was so thrilled when the challenge this month was Croissants , As they are on my baking bucket list (see for yourself) . Bread Rolls, Croissants, Delicious Food, Christmas Time, Breads, Thanksgiving, Apps, Fresh, Baking

September 2011 Daring Baker Challenge = FRESH, FLUFFY, FRENCH

I was so thrilled when the challenge this month was Croissants, As they are on my baking bucket list (see for yourself). So I finally had an excuse to make them. Although, it would've been easier in a cold-weather spell.... Can't wait to try this again in the winter, now that I have done it once, I can learn from my mistakes. Not that there were many mistakes, They tasted AMAZING. Thanks for the great Challenge Sarah! Blog-checking lines: The Daring Bakers go retro this month! Thanks to one…

Lizardbreath Creations: Angel Food Cake (checked off the bucket list! Angel Food Cake, Angelic Angel, Ali, Cake Recipes, French Toast, Bucket, Cakes, Breakfast, Desserts

Angel Food Cake (checked off the bucket list!)

This is my cat Ali... "Helping" make the Cake Okay, so I have always wanted to make my own angel food cake... (that is why it is on my kitchen bucket list) So I finally did it. It started when my mom and I finally found THE angel food cake pan that we had been dreaming about... For $2 at Value Village! Then finally I went home with the recipe from Joy of Baking, my mom bought a ton of eggs, and cake flour, and I brought my Kitchen Aid... and Ta-Da! Angel Food cake!! We had grand plans of…

Lizardbreath Creations: 20 Days until Christmas. Christmas Sock, Days Until Christmas, Sock Snowman, Snowmen, Center Pieces, Knitted Hats, Beanie, Socks, Knitting

20 Days until Christmas...Sock Snowman

I came across a Tutorial on Pinterest for some Sock Snowmen, and I instantly knew that it was fate... I have this habit of going through socks like Crazy... but then I never throw them out. Also, our dogs like to steal socks and then play tug of war with them... So I have alot of socks that either need to be used for something, or thrown out... Enter Sock snowmen! I am not going to give you a Tutorial... But if you have some socks, some rice and a glue gun, then you can totally make one of…

Lizardbreath Creations: 24 days until Christmas. Days Until Christmas, Christmas Snowman, Super Easy, Tags, Days Till Xmas, Days Before Christmas, Mailing Labels

24 days until Christmas... Snowman Bag-Tags

I'm starting out with something SUPER easy. Like you can knock a ton of these out in just a few minutes if you really wanted to. I saw them on pinterest way back in the summer i think, and I knew I had to make them this year. They are too cute (and too easy) not to! The original Tutorial is here. It's from Crafts by Amanda... And it is a genius-ly simple idea to really dress up a bag of Christmas cookies Like the ones I am planning to make for our neighbor/landlord. I did make mine a teeny…

Lizardbreath Creations: 22 Days til Christmas. Oh-no-Gingerbread Man Ornament

22 Days til Christmas... Oh-no-Gingerbread Man Ornament

Like the snowman tags and the pretty flowery-star thing from the last two days? Today, I'm going to share a tutorial with you... NOT me giving you a tutorial on how to do something, but I'll send you the link to it. Because it is easy to follow, and pretty thorough, and the results are amazing. I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it on Pinterest, but now that he is hanging in front of my face (until we get our tree up), I am even more in love. The Tutorial and awesome idea come…

Lizardbreath Creations: 23 Days til Christmas. Felt Ornaments, Christmas Tree Ornaments, Pretty Christmas Trees, Snowman, Holiday Decor, Snowmen, Xmas Tree Decorations, Christmas Tree Decorations, Tree Decorations

23 Days til Christmas...Pretty Christmas Tree ornament

Did you like the snowman tags from yesterday? Super cute right? Today, is a little different. It's a felt ornament. I saw this photo on Pinterest (and obviously pinned it, and obviously went to the corresponding link) GORGEOUS isn't it? It is by Wandering Lydia. Here is a link to her beautiful Etsy Store too. I obviously don't own this photo, or take credit for any of this beautiful work. I wanted to share my inspiration, and help pay the inspiration forward. ABOVE = Wandering Lydia's (my…