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the room is full of boxes and other items in it, including scaffolding
Slow Motion Bee Extraction
Leafcutter bee slow motion. My sister took this video and it's pretty interesting. The leafcutter bee nesting blocks (made of styrofoam) get put through the extraction or punching machine. Metal pins push the cocoons out of the holes and voila, that's how we extract the cocoons. Take a look!
a hand is holding up a small piece of artwork on the door to a brick wall
Time Lapse of Leafcutter Bees filling a Backyard Pollinator
This video was made by our friend Mark Higgins. Watch little leafcutter bees fly and work in a Backyard Pollinator nesting block. Gradually the bees fill some of the holes and "cap" them off.
the insect is sitting on the wooden shelf next to the green thing in the window sill
Leafcutter bee building a brood cell
Created by Resonating Bodies, this video gives a wonderful insight into the hard work and persistence it takes for a leafcutter bee to build cocoons for her babies.
a close up of a bee on a leaf
Slo-Mo Leafcutter Bee
Little Leafcutter Bees hard at work:) Got one on slow-mo carrying a piece of leaf into one of the holes! Video by Home Farm Ideas
a close up of a bee on a leaf
Meet the Bees that build Rooms from Leaves
Have you spotted a bee carrying a leaf around your garden? Noticed strange circular holes in your roses? Say hello to the Leafcutter Bee, which has an ingenious use for the fruits of its labour… Video by The Science Photo by Bees in your Backyard
a bee sitting on top of a purple flower
Leafcutter Bees in Action
Footage by Neika Cooper of Leaf-cutter bees in action.
a bee sitting on top of a green leaf
Leafcutter Bee Cutting Leaf
An Australian leafcutter bee clipping a piece of leaf to line her solitary nest. Video by Erica Siegel
a bee sitting on top of a green leaf
Leafcutter Bees Making Cocoons
See industrious leafcutter bees bring their leaf bits to the nesting block to be fashioned into cocoons.
a bee sitting on top of a green leaf
Alfalfa Leafcutter Bees - megachile rotundata
Animal Kingdom made this wonderful video showing lovely photos of leafcutter bees. Animal Kingdom says "Leaf cutter bees: Megachile rotunda is a species local to Eurasia that was brought into the United States after the 1930's a direct result of a drop in alfalfa seed production. This solitary bee was conveyed into North America to expand fertilization yields of alfalfa for seed since bumble bees are not the best pollinators of the product".
the inside of a warehouse with lots of pallets
Come inside our Bee Warehouse
This video shows the warehouse operations of a commercial leafcutter bee and alfalfa seed farm. Take a "behind the scenes" look at the making of a Backyard Pollinator.
many flies are on the ground in front of a glass window with white frosting
The INSPIRATION behind Backyard Pollinator
This block was placed at a friend's house close to a commercial alfalfa field for stray bees. It was a hot day and the bees were thriving. The idea for the Backyard Pollinator was borne!
a box that is sitting on a window sill
Leafcutter Bees Enjoying a Warm Day
Close-up video of our leafcutter bees enjoying a Backyard Pollinator block on a warm summer day. The bees are working and the birds are tweeting. Very relaxing.
the birds are standing in front of the blue wall with writing on it and one bird is flying by
Inside a Hut with Leafcutter Bees
purple flowers with green leaves in the background
Tripping an Alfalfa Flower
Watch as Jed demonstrates the process of tripping the stamen of an alfalfa flower. Leafcutter bees are experts at this job and thus our alfalfa plants create lots of seed for us to harvest.
a birdhouse with a cross on the front and back sides, hanging from a wooden pole
Busy Bees at a Backyard Pollinator
Our friend Mark Higgins shot this video of leafcutter bees happily working out of their Backyard Pollinator nesting block. Sometimes they can be quite fussy about which hole they choose!