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Top 12 Math iPad Apps for Students and Teachers #education. Wish we had iPads in our rooms...

Math Technology: Top 12 Math iPad Apps for Students. I would use these apps in my classroom in various different capacity from homework to centers.

almost 70 pages of math games using a deck of cards -- all grade levels all topics

Not just math. Acing Math (One Deck At A Time!) is a collection of math games ranging from Kindergarten to the upper elementary grades, using only an ordinary deck of playing cards.

Math - Interactive Learning Sites for Education WOW!

Math - Interactive Learning Sites for Education - huge compilation of online math games organized into their topic

explore the menu to find games, downloadable activities, and terrific resources to boost math while challenging logic   reinforce LA  history along the way!  Some good math ones:    *Bounce - problem solving skills while exploring factors and ratios.  *Find the Pairs - Match fraction symbols with fraction ill.  *Number Board - similar to Bingo, w/ math eq   *Sorting Games teach sorting skills.  *Whodunnit?Follow the clues to solve crimes. Many have multiple levels of difficulty

NAACE Primary: Classroom Activities of various types including sorting games, detective games, and math games.

Math Landing is a database of mathematics lessons and interactive resources for use in elementary school. You can search for lessons and interactive resources by grade level and or by mathematics topic. You can search Math Landing and access the resources without registering. If you do register you can participate in the Math Landing message board community. freetech4teachers

MathLanding - database of "resources and tools for elementary math specialists and teachers." Access database without membership, participate in discussions with membership.

math websites broken down by skill - WOW!

Math websites organized by grade level and common core. This site is AMAZING! I'm able to look at each common core standard, and then it lists websites that have activities to match the standard. Teachers, check this out!