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a loaf of lemon pound cake sitting on top of a white plate
Almond Pound Cake with Orange Glaze
1h 25m
chocolate chip cookies with pistachios and almonds on parchment paper, ready to be eaten
Sea Salt, Pistachio and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe - Fat Girl Hedonist
several pieces of cake sitting on a plate next to a tea pot and lemons
Lemon Lamingtons - enjoy them plain or with raspberry & vanilla cream.
Lemon Lamingtons
a person holding a piece of cake in their hand next to some pieces of bread
Everyday Butter Cake | Buttermilk by Sam
two pieces of bread with white icing on a plate
Lemon Tipped Pistachio Biscotti | Cook Like A Champion
soft and chewy brown butter sugar cookies on a baking sheet with text overlay
Brown Butter Sugar Cookies - Delicious Recipe from Scratch
1h 27m
a glass bowl filled with chocolate chip cookie dough next to a wooden spoon and scattered chocolate chips
Chocolate Chip Day
🍪Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!🍪 If you're looking for inspiration, check out our wide range of chocolate chip recipes! Click to find your next recipe! . . . 🍪Joyeuse Journée nationale des grains de chocolat ! 🍪 Si vous cherchez de l’inspiration, jetez un coup d’œil sur la vaste gamme de recettes aux grains de chocolat ! Cliquez pour trouver votre prochaine recette !
Maple Fudge
Is it really a Canadian treat if there's no maple? Savor the sweetness of our decadent Maple Fudge—perfect for sharing, or not! 😉🍁 Click for the recipe! . . . Est-ce vraiment une gâterie canadienne, si elle ne contient pas de sirop d’érable ? Savourez la douceur du sucré dans le Sucre à la crème au sirop d’érable ; il est parfait à partager ou non ! 😉🍁 Cliquez pour obtenir la recette!
there is a cake with white frosting and chocolate sprinkles on it
Cannoli Cream Cake | Sturbridge Bakery
1h 30m
a piece of cake on a plate with orange slices and a fork next to it
Summertime Orange Almond Poppy Seed Cake with Almond Buttercream - Cake by Courtney
lemon blueberry cookies are stacked on top of each other with the words soft and chewy
Lemon Blueberry Cookies - Browned Butter Blondie | Recipe in 2024 | Lemon blueberry cookies, Cookie
several cookies are stacked on top of each other with powdered sugar in the middle
Vanilla & Orange Cream Sandwich Cookies
baked goods displayed on white paper with oranges in the background
Baked Crème Brûlée Donuts - Eats Delightful
the table is set with donuts and strawberries
Impress mom this Mother's day with some light-as-air Pavlova made with Fleischmann's Corn Starch ❤️ Click for the recipe! . . . Impressionnez maman, lors de la Fête des mères en lui servant des Pavlovas, aussi légers que l’air et faites avec la fécule de maïs Fleischmann ❤️ Cliquez pour obtenir la recette!
a white plate topped with a slice of pie next to a fork and cake dish
Classic Banana Cream Pie
🍌Attention all banana fans 🍌 this Classic Banana Cream Pie recipe is an absolute delight for the senses. Creamy and delicious! 🥧 Click for the recipe! . . . 🍌Attention tous les modus de bananes 🍌 cette recette Classique de Tarte à la crème à la banane est un délice absolu pour tous les sens, car elle est crémeuse et délicieuse ! 🥧 Cliquez pour obtenir la recette !
a stack of cookies with jam in the middle on a black wire rack next to other cookies
Raspberry Almond Sandwich Cookies | Baker Street Society
a white bowl filled with sliced up bananas
Lemon Poppy Seed Mandelbread | Truffles and Trends
a cake with powdered sugar and cranberries is on a plate next to sliced lemons
Raspberry Olive Oil Cake
Raspberry Olive Oil Cake - Elegant Cake for Mother's Day or Brunch
iced cookies with icing sitting on top of a piece of parchment paper next to a cup of coffee
Maple Brown Sugar Cookies [30 Minutes]
three small cups filled with popcorn sitting on top of a yellow tray next to pink and white striped napkins
Caramel Popcorn
Elevate your next movie night with delicious homemade Caramel Popcorn made with Crown Corn Syrup for the perfect caramel finish! 🎥🍿 Click for the recipe! . . . Soulignez votre prochaine soirée cinéma maison avec ce délicieux Maïs soufflé au caramel fait avec le sirop de maïs Crown pour la touche finale caramel ! 🎥🍿 Cliquez pour obtenir la recette !
lemon cookies with icing and powdered sugar on a cooling rack next to sliced oranges
Soft and Chewy Frosted Lemon Sugar Cookies - Buuck Farms Bakery
several pieces of food with pink frosting on them
High Altitude Strawberry Blondies with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting - Curly Girl Kitchen
a stack of cookies with frosting on top and the words soft triangus cookies above it
Tiramisu Cookies (Soft and No Chill) - Olives + Thyme
there is a piece of cake with strawberries on top and lemon slices around it
Strawberry Shortcake with Lemon Angel Food Cake — To Salt & See
several cookies next to a glass of milk on a white counter top with a marble surface
Feeling snacky? Biscotti makes the perfect snack to pair with your tea or coffee any day! This delicious recipe is surprisingly easy and made with Fleischmann's Baking Powder ☕ Click for the recipe! . . . Un petit creux ? Les Biscotti sont la collation par excellence accompagnée d’un thé ou d’un café ! Cette délicieuse recette est facile à faire avec la poudre à pâte Fleischmann. ☕ Cliquez pour obtenir la recette !
some muffins that have been cut in half
Sour Cream Coffee Cake Muffins
almond bear claws on a wooden board with the words almond bear claws in white lettering
Almond Bear Claws