masculine & feminine forms of adjectives

Plan educativo para el fomento de la ciudadanía activa USO BÁSICO DE IDIOMA FRANCÉS

BAGS - Adjectives that come before the noun in French.

BAGS - Adjectives that come before the noun in French. I would try to use this particular image in all of my French classes as a reminder of the placement of certain adjectives.

les adjectifs

At my TPRS training last summer, Lynette Saint George always started her lessons by asking students how they felt, she would circulate an iPad with a slide full of faces expressing different emotio…

qui est-ce "les monstres"

qui est-ce "les monstres" - which one is it?

Another “dicy” activity designed for individual and small-group work. The dice will determine which person or animal your students will describe. A relaxed way to reinforce lessons on “les descriptions physiques” and to encourage speaking in full sentences in French (or any target language). If you’d like to extend the lesson to written work, just assign some dice co-ordinates:

Dice game/conversation for partners to describe people; could substitute with…

Madame Belle Feuille: Social Studies - Mon monde et moi, unit 1

Clear Targets for our first unit Belonging in My World , loosely based on suggestions in the Many Voices District resources.