Inuit Inukshuk Art plus an Arctic Inukshuk project for kids. "Inukshuk means “likeness of a person” in the Inuit language, and is a pile of (unworked) stones arranged by the Inuit into the shape of a human being. They are sometimes seen as representing the strength and determination of the Inuit people, who live in one of the Earth’s harshest climates and terrains."

An Inukshuk Project for Kids: Arctic Art from the Inuit

Stack rocks to make images of people. Inuit Inukshuk Arctic Art- Kid World Citizen

Giant green (or is it Green Giant) inukshuk - Montreal

Floral Inukshuk at Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal 2003

Free Inukshuk Bevel Panel Pattern - Beveled Panels

Inukshuk Granite Texture Bevel Cluster - The Inukshuk, which means "likeness of a person," is a unique sign-post found in northern climates.

I like my second try at this Inuksuk better!

Inuksuk - A Unique Landscaping Feature

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