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an old castle in the middle of a forest
Castell (château fort) Eltz --- Eifel, near Münstermaifeld Germany (tonemapped)
a large stone structure sitting next to a body of water
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an old village in the desert with a clock tower
a person standing in between two buildings made out of clay
an old cannon sits in front of a castle like structure
Fort Zubarah in north-western Qatar (by Bawra).
an alley way with people walking around and buildings in the background
Let us have fun!, the swing is in the district. Near El Ahzar, Cairo, Egypt. Amusons-nous, les balançoires sont dans le quartier, El Azhar, Le Caire, Égypte
an old white building with arches and doorways on the outside, against a blue sky
an old village in the desert surrounded by palm trees and tall buildings with towers on top
two people sitting on the ground in front of an old stone building with arched windows
Iñaki Caperochipi Photography - Viajes África Túnez
a cliff side with some buildings built into it
several adobe buildings built into the side of a cliff
Don Gurewitz Photography
an old adobe village in the desert with green and brown buildings on it's sides