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an old building sitting on top of a cliff
Bet Giyorgis, Lalibela | Keith Muir
an aerial view of the pyramids in egypt
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an aerial view of the ancient city of djoset in jordan, with tourists milling about
A Gentle Introduction to the Middle East in Jordan
an image of the sphinx statue in egypt
Egypt Museum
an image of a man standing in front of the great pyramid
Egyptians Were Aliens
the large statues are all lit up at night
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the giraffe is standing in front of the pyramid
The Finest Egypt Tourist Attractions to Explore - Trips in Egypt
an ancient monument in the middle of a stone walkway
an ancient building built into the side of a mountain
Ancient Jordanian site of Petra
an ancient building with columns and pillars
people are walking around in front of an ancient building with horses and carriages on the street
Jordan's natural beauty