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money with the words 10 effective ways for artists to make money on top of it
10 Effective Ways for Artists to Make Money
Choosing a career as an artist doesn’t mean that you have to starve. It does mean, however, diversifying your income streams and being creative about it. Let’s explore 10 of the best ways for artists to make money and how to get started doing them.
a cell phone with the text 5 red flags for instagramm dm scams
It happens to almost every artist who has an account on Instagram – you get a direct message asking if you take commissions. While the request in and of itself seems like it should be a compliment and not something you should worry about, there’s good reason to take extreme caution when getting these types of Instagram DM requests.
Smart Strategies for Being Self-Employed Art, People, Business Advice, Smart Strategy, Effective, Strategies, Job, Success
Smart Strategies for Being Self-Employed
Many people have dreams of leaving their 9-5 job to pursue their passion, but not everyone is able to to do it successfully. There are some highly effective strategies for being self-employed that anyone considering it should know. These strategies will increase the likelihood of success in your first year and beyond.
HOW I USE HONEYBOOK TO STREAMLINE MY CREATIVE BUSINESS Client Experience, Creative Business, Management, Administration, Experience, Honeybook, Start, Business
Using Honeybook in my commission business makes the whole client experience a breeze from start to finish. Most creatives running their own businesses want to spend more time on the actual creative and not the administration stuff.
the words, 3 ways to stay safe online are shown in front of a keyboard
5 Ways to Stay Safe Online
In this rush to learn and become proficient in online-based technology, there’s an important fundamental that’s not always prioritized – cyber security. If not taken seriously, your accounts could be compromised and can cause significant damage to your reputation and your business. Don’t worry just yet though, there are a few simple steps you can take today to secure your accounts from potential hackers.
several colored pencils with the words how to pick your colored pencils on top
How To Pick Your Coloured Pencils - Barb Sotiropoulos
Finding the right set of pencils for you is important but it doesn’t have to be complicated. With so many brands and lines within those brands, it can seem impossible to choose. I have a few tips that will help you narrow down the competition and spend more time creating your art!
a cup of coffee with the words, why i left patreon on it
Why I Left Patreon
When you are running any kind of business it’s important to periodically stop and assess what is working for you and what is not. I recently put my Patreon account on a permanent hiatus and I want to share with you why I did that, what I learned, and what you should consider if you want to join the platform.
the brush guide is displayed in front of a sign
↳ art tips & tricks **COMPLETED** - ✫ helpful references #2
Artist Advice - Signing Your Artwork The Right Way - Marks, Cards Against Humanity, Read More, Artwork, Art World
Signing Your Artwork The Right Way
Most artists know it’s important to sign their artwork but often they are not sure where to sign or even how. Your signature is a written mark that represents you as a person. It’s important to consider, however, that the signature you would use for an official legal document is not necessarily the one you would want to use for signing your artwork and there are a few reasons for this. READ MORE
Artist Advice - Instagram Fame Might Not Be For You - Reading, Achievement, Reasons, Users, Content, Shit Happens, Why
Instagram Fame Might Not Be For You
One of the misconceptions I see with a lot of new users is that “Instagram fame” is somehow easier to achieve than it is. This isn’t going to happen for you overnight, and there are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t want it to either. READ MORE
Artist Advice - Dealing With Art Competition Rejection - Artists, Feelings, Rejection, You Feel, Art Competitions, What Happens When You
Dealing With Art Competition Rejection
Many artists enter competitions with the hopes of having their work win one of the prestigious prizes. The acknowledgment alone is enough to make you feel validated in your work especially if it’s a competition you need to be juried into. But what happens when your work doesn’t win a prize or worse doesn’t get chosen to be in the competition at all? READ MORE
Artist Advice - Ways You're Killing Your Progress - Comparing Yourself To Others, You Working, Having A Bad Day, Kill Yourself, Hate, On Social Media
Ways You're Killing Your Progress
So you’ve had a bad day drawing or you just can’t seem to get a technique with a particular medium. Why are you even bothering? Your work clearly sucks especially when you compare yourself to other artists on social media right? Um no…let’s pump the brakes on the self-hate train and back up a sec. READ MORE
Artist Advice - How to Deal With Clients Who Ghost -
How To Deal With Clients Who Ghost - Barb Sotiropoulos
For an artist taking commissions the prospect of a new project is always exciting. If this is a big part of your business it also, in a very practical sense, means more income to sustain your practice. It’s not always smooth sailing, however, and there’s an aspect to taking a commission that isn’t often talked about – ghosting. READ MORE
Artist Advice - Does Lightfast Really Matter? - Matter, Quality, Right Now, Power, Brand, Words, Heard
Does Lightfast Really Matter?
You may not have heard of the word before but whether or not a particular brand is lightfast or not, is a hot topic in the colored pencil world. This singular quality has enough power right now, to, in some cases, be the ultimate deciding factor in whether or not someone purchases a certain brand of colored pencils. READ MORE
Artist Advice - Ways to Combat Online Negativity - How To Better Yourself, People Pleaser, It Hurts, Like You, Concept, Things To Come
Ways to Combat Online Negativity
Try as you might, not everyone is going to like you or your art. If you’ve got an inner people-pleaser like many of us do, then the concept of this probably doesn’t sit well with you. When it comes to the creative things that you put out into the world this can be especially hurtful. After all, you’re just trying your best, so what’s the problem? READ MORE