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The iPad Mini is the perfect crafting companion. Enter to win one today! Giveaway compliments of AllFreeCrochet and Leisure Arts. I entered for the IPod mini and so should you.

Coach Barbie is coming soon with her first leather bag! Select the style you think she’ll choose and be entered to win the new Coach Barbie and three very special mini Coach bags you can’t get anywhere else.

Doll Loving: Coach Barbie & She Has The Most Adorable Teeny-Tiny Bag - Fashionista Barbie

Spaghetti Pizza with Pepperoni #NaturalSelections @Maple Leaf®

Spaghetti Pizza with Pepperoni Woods Leaf® I'm going to try this! I have a boy who detests left overs (simply because they are 'left over') but he loves pizza . nifty way to make leftovers fun!

Cubano Sandwich #NaturalSelections @Maple Leaf®

A classic Cuban sandwich of ham, roast pork, pickles and Swiss cheese presented as a panini.